[blog ceased publishing in November 2017]

We Love Rochester has been celebrating our city and the surrounding area since December 2013 by inviting people to share their favorite things about living here, whether they reside within city limits or in the suburbs, and whether they’re Rochester natives, transplants, or visitors.

As for who’s behind this site, I’m Kate Antoniades, a Rochester native who grew up in Brighton. If someone had told me when I was young that I’d be back living in Rochester as an adult, I wouldn’t have believed them — but I’m happy to be here. My experiences living in and near a few big cities (D.C., Philadelphia, and London) made me appreciate my hometown even more. I love to visit those places, but I’m glad I’m living in Rochester.

I don’t write the posts here — YOU do — so I’m looking forward to hearing what you love about Rochester. Please use the contact form to contribute! 

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