#1: Noodles, Movies, and More


“We love our neighborhood in the South Wedge/Highland Park area. We can walk to some of our favorite restaurants, such as Ming’s Noodles, Flavors of Asia, and Zemeta. Our favorite movie theater, The Cinema, is 30 seconds away. They have the cheapest prices … two movies for $5. Best popcorn in town too. Did I mention they have a cat that roams the theater named One-eyed Sue who came from Lollypop Farm? We can also hop right on the expressway and are about 20 minutes from anywhere. We love the city and where we live.”

Audrey Kramer, South Wedge/Highland Park

Photo: 88.cinema.lights.jpg, uploaded to Flickr by Roxanne Sutton; used via Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).

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