#6: Plenty to Do, Inside and Outside Alike

George Eastman House

“I like living in Rochester because of the weather and the ever-changing seasons. I love winter so that is a plus, but I also really like fall. The changes are great and make for amazing outdoor activities, from winter stuff like snowshoeing and just playing in the snow to summer/fall activities like running, biking, and swimming, and of course camping. Rochester (and its surrounding areas) offers so much for physical activities.

“I also love living in Rochester for the many arts scenes, everything from amazing jazz to great folk-type musicians. Also included in the arts scenes: the amazing Little and Dryden Theatres. The fact that so many rare films get shown here is a big plus for Rochester.

“And of course the literary scene! For example, last year Dennis Lehane was here! And next year Simon Rich is coming! We have great libraries here as well.

“As for some of my favorite places to go/do: obviously our many libraries, hiking along the trails, the Eastman House is one of my favorite places to go along with its Dryden Theatre, the jazz festival, and the smaller jazz shows that occur year-round.”

—Jorge Degro, West Irondequoit

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