#24: There Actually IS a Lot to Do

Flatiron Building on University Ave.

“Once upon a time, I belonged to the group of Rochesterians who think that ‘there’s nothing to do’ in the area. And sure, I could’ve continued to search the city skyline, helplessly looking for a glowing neon sign, or fireworks, or whatever flashy signal that would direct me to then-unheard-of  ‘something to do.’ The truth of the matter was, I never had actually set my two feet on the pavement to become an observer.

“Rochester is a great walking city, and since walking is my main mode of transportation I have had the pleasure of taking in a lot of our city’s culture. The ‘big four’ streets, as I enjoy calling them—University, East, Park, and Monroe—all offer their own unique world; each are filled to the brim with wonderful local eateries, bookshops, and cultural and educational centers.

“If you are short on spending money, take a walk on any (or all!) of the streets and soak in the beautiful architecture of the homes and buildings, and look upon nature’s own craft through the twisted, tall trees. The scenery can be inspiration for art, writing, music, and other creative outlets, all which Rochester deliberately supports.

“So, why is it that I love Rochester? I love it for its out-in-the-­open, yet hidden offerings. Take a step back from the stereotypes, take a step out of your car, and patiently find your own treasure trove.”

—Jarrad Ackert, Greece

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