#27: Geva Is a Treasure

Geva Theatre

“I do not live in the city but cannot live without it. To me nothing is better than my wife and I coming into the city and taking a stroll down Park Avenue (memory lane for us) and then catching a Saturday late-afternoon play at Geva. Geva is a real treasure in Rochester. Not a bad seat in the house, and a level of entertainment that cannot be achieved on a big screen.

“After our play we are on to something we always look forward to, dining. There are many great restaurants to explore in Rochester. We maybe partial to Havana Cabana but Rochester does provide a great deal of variety with many talented chefs and entrepreneurs that put their heart into their businesses. As we make the drive back down 390 to our home we are always glad we made the short half-hour drive to Rochester. Within a week we are planning our next outing with friends that will bring us back to another corner of Rochester.”

—Matt Cole, Livonia
Havana Cabana

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