#35: Green Space, Makerspace

High Falls

“I really love living in Rochester! For one thing, the proximity to waterways is a huge draw for me. I love to be near the water so I spend a lot of time walking the pier on the lake and also the many canal trails. Not to mention, there’s a waterfall in the middle of the city! How cool is that? Also the green spaces are plentiful. I lived in a rural area south of Rochester for many years, and when I moved to the city I was struck by how many more beautiful, mature trees there are in Rochester and the surrounding cities than out in rural areas. Most people don’t think of cities and suburbs as ‘green’ areas, but I have to say the difference is remarkable.

“Other than the natural beauty, I appreciate the arts community that we have here in Rochester. I think the arts and creativity are thriving and expanding. The Jazz Festival celebrates all kinds of music and is not just for jazz lovers. The Memorial Art Gallery offers inexpensive art classes. We also have a world-class sculptor, Albert Paley, whose studios are on the west side! I see his sculptures when I drive on the 490. Newer creative ventures that add to the artistic vibe here in Rochester are the Rochester Brainery and Rochester Makerspace.  I know if I left Rochester, there is a lot that I would miss. I ❤ ROC!”

—Michele Kurpisz, Gates
Michele’s Etsy Shop 

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