#37: Fireflies and Friendly Neighbors on Park Ave.

“There are several things I like about Rochester—the diversity of people and cultures which translate to richer relationships and a broader understanding of the world in general. I’ve been to many other countries, and we Americans have a reputation of being on an island, the Island of the United States of America. Although I love to travel to foreign countries, I think we have to opportunity to explore the diversity of cultures, right here in Rochester.

“I love walking down Park Avenue in the summer at night. Once it gets dark, the fireflies can be seen in the park near Girton Place (near the Strasenburgh Planetarium). People are all so friendly—strolling, eating ice cream, walking their dogs. It’s a very special feeling.

“I live in Penfield, but worked for the City of Rochester (at City Hall) for over 30 years. I consider myself a City girl. Currently, I spend a lot of time in the Neighborhood of the Arts, especially at 785 University Ave.

“Just another observation—I have been going to Village Gate for years. It always seemed overlooked, and underrated. Last night, my son and I went to California Rollin’ for sushi. We could hardly find a spot to park. I was so happy to see that Village Gate business owners have finally arrived. Kudos to the people who hung in there, and those who helped them achieve success.”

—Kathy Verzillo, Penfield 
Craft Company No. 6

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