#61: Historical Landmarks and Hidden Gems

Lower Falls

Lower Falls

“I am a native of Rochester and have grown up here. Beyond college I haven’t lived anywhere else for an extended period of time, but have traveled quite often and slowly crossing continents off the list in satisfaction of my personal wanderlust. The main part of why I like to live here is that Rochester isn’t a ‘show me’ city. There isn’t anything obvious like a Bourbon Street or Times Square to centralize your touring view. Rochester has many hidden gems, historical landmarks, cultural finds, and neighborhood hotspots; you just have to slow down, listen to your senses, get comfortable, and explore. I have walked many streets and biked a lot of roads here: these are the only ways for someone to see the real city of Rochester, and what she has to offer.”

What are some of your favorite places to go and things to do, and why?

“Let’s start with something old: Winter at Midtown Plaza. I remember very vividly seeing the larger-than-life wreath in the entrance, the enormous Christmas tree near the Clock of Nations, and the monorail gliding along the main palisade of the indoor shopping center, filled with families satisfying the same visual cravings as mine. In the warmer months it was nightly drives to the High Falls district for a spectacular laser-light show of Rochester’s history illuminating on the falls and gorge. During baseball season, a day at Silver Stadium was had with peanuts, hotdogs, and watching the Red Wings compete against whomever dared take the field.

“Something new: nightly caffeine and chocolate fix at Java’s on Gibbs Street. It is the quintessential café, been a patron for many years and no matter the barista behind the counter, my usual order is consistently good and service is excellent after all these years. Other than that, it’s the usual nomad instinct to explore and find interesting places. Whenever I catch wind of a new spot or place, the wife and I are on the hunt to seek it out and experience what they have to offer. All these years I’ve been here and I’m still finding new places. Some destinations of note in the city: Grove Place, base of the Lower Falls, Frank Lloyd Wright House on East Blvd., Turning Point Park, Pinnacle Hill, Genesee Riverway Trail, Charlotte Lighthouse, Fox Sisters Obelisk, Subway Tunnel, Rundel Library, among many others. Go walk, bike, explore, seek, learn.”

—Matt Rogers, Henrietta
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