#94: RoCo’s Annual 6×6 Exhibition

3710271120_3db319387d_z“One of the things I love about Rochester is our annual 6×6 exhibition. In some ways, 6×6 puts Rochester on the map. People have contributed 6×6s from all around the globe, and typically, over 50 countries are represented on the walls. The project was conceptualized from the start as a democratic, egalitarian exhibition that would be fun for anyone and everyone to participate in. The works are displayed anonymously and even installed in the order they were received.

“In what may be one of Rochester’s largest public creative moments, Rochester Contemporary Art Center is accepting contributions to its 10th annual 6x6x2017 exhibition. Of course, each piece must be 6 inches by 6 inches and contributors may use any medium or material. We have found that 6×6 engages people with our organization and with contemporary art; and hopefully they return to see our other shows. Each year it is thrilling and curious and fun to open the packages from other states and other countries. Our whole team has been working hard to spread the word and encourage entries for 2017. We are already receiving many artworks for this summer’s 6×6 exhibition and we are looking forward to sharing them all with the public.”

—Bleu Cease, Winton Village
Executive Director / Curator, Rochester Contemporary Art Center

Details: The deadline for entries is April 16 if they’re dropped off at RoCo, 137 East Ave., or postmarked April 15 if mailed. Up to four artworks per person are allowed, with entry forms available at the gallery and at roco6x6.org





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