#96: Small Businesses Can Thrive


Photo courtesy of Jessica Lewis

“What I love most about Rochester is that it’s a place where small businesses can thrive. I never considered myself to be the entrepreneurial type. In fact, I had aspirations of becoming a teacher. After I earned a bachelor’s degree I had intended to relocate to Philly to attend Temple University for graduate school, but plans changed and I enrolled at the Warner School of Education at the University of Rochester.

“I graduated from UR and years went on. I began my career and found myself very comfortable in Rochester. With family nearby and the purchase of a new home I had no reason to relocate. But then I got the seven-year itch. I wanted a change of scenery and the opportunity to meet new people. Rochester seemed to be getting smaller and I felt boxed in. But all of those feelings went away earlier this year when I started my own company. Since launching LáLew Public Relations I’m finding early success. Small businesses do well here and I’m getting my footing as a small business owner.”

—Jessica Lewis, the 19th Ward
Owner, LáLew Public Relations

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