#16: The People … and Lazy Saturdays, Too

Rochester Public Market – “Flower City Days at The Market”

“I love the people in Rochester. There are so many people that are passionate about the development of the city and whether we agree or not on what that is, there is no doubt a passion for change and growth. I love that the people around me make me want to get involved. I love that I’ll always run into someone I know. I love that every day my friends and acquaintances are taking risks and opening unique businesses. I love that people seem to enjoy my business! I long for out-of-towners to ask me what to do while they’re in town.

“Most of all, I love lazy Saturdays off when I can spend my morning at the Public Market, my day at my happy place (The Shops On West Ridge) and my evening at The Little.”

—Danielle Raymo, Neighborhood of the Arts
co-founder, Rochester Brainery 

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