#31: A Strong Cultural Heritage

Juan and Maria’s Empanada Stop at the Public Market

“Growing up in the ’80s here, I remember there was still a very strong sense of European heritage that varied depending on the neighborhood you were in. In one area you’d have Little Italy, and in another German town, and each would show off its own cultural pride. The best part was always the food, and there are still some holdovers from that era still serving their specialties today.

“In my teens my focus was on other things, but in my 20s I decided to reconnect with those memories and explore some of Rochester’s best kept secrets again. While a lot of the European influence had faded, I was excited to see what it was replaced with. It’s a very good time to be a fan of Spanish food—look no further than the Public Market to see just how popular it is. Asian and African cuisine are also pretty abundant. Cultural heritage is still very strong in this city, and if you’re willing to explore a little, Rochester won’t disappoint.”

—Jay Rowe, North Winton Village
Rochester Greenovation

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