#44: Lilac Festival in the Spring, Marge’s in the Summer

Highland Park, 2009 Lilac Festival

“Right off the bat I can tell you my absolute favorite thing to do in Rochester is the Lilac Festival in the spring. Even if I can’t attend the actual festival I always take a stroll through the lilacs. There’s no place quite like Highland Park when the lilacs bloom!

“There are also tons of places to go for a hike or walk all around Rochester (like Highland Park), and all are beautiful. When weather is nice I find a pretty trail and jog. Sometimes I just pick a new park to explore and walk for an afternoon. There are some great parks I can bring my furry, four-legged son to as well!

“Oh, and lets not forget Marge’s for drinks on the beach in the summer! Such a unique place.

“So to sum it up, I’m in love with being outside in Rochester in the spring, summer, and fall. There’s always something to do and beautiful places to explore.”

—Kerry S., Rochester

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