#45: Friendly, Supportive People

South Wedge Farmers Market

“A few years ago I started working as a stylist knowing no one and living an hour away, commuting in. I began frequenting local art shows to start networking. My sister Hannah Betts and brother-in-law St. Monci are both artists here in Rochester so I started with their shows. I began meeting incredible people here that if I began listing I would go on for days.

“The support I began getting so early in my career was awesome. Didn’t think it could get any better… until a few years later I opened my own business. EVERYONE was supportive. When I found my space, I put out a call, ‘Hey I’ll buy pizza and beer if you want to help paint.’ I had so many people show up to help start my renovations. I cried. I love them. For my opening the Brighton Chamber came and did an ribbon-cutting ceremony for me and they said, ‘This is the biggest turnout we have EVER had for a ribbon-cutting.’ THAT is the support you get here in Rochester.

“When you have a dream, Rochester helps you make it a reality. Rochester is my home. A love affair. I’m here for good, and I’m happy to be part of such an incredible community.

“I love the South Wedge. It’s raw. Everyone loves everyone and no matter who you are you belong. I frequent Caverly’s Irish Pub; you feel like family when you walk in there. The owner and bartenders treat you like a friend they’ve known for years, and now I consider all of them dear friends of mine. Then I run over to Little Venice for a slice, and if I had it my way, an entire large to myself. I love running into Needledrop Records for friendly conversation, and Lux Lounge. Again, at Lux you can walk in there wearing a suit or a costume and you’re cool. Everyone loves everyone.

“I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m pretty in love with this city and its people. My heart belongs here.”

—Jordan Betts, Brighton 

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