#49: Big-City Fun, Small-City Commute

Nu Movement studio (in NOTA) – photo by Jenn Kelly

“Why I LOVE living, working, and playing in Rochester, NY:

“It is 49 degrees outside, and I wore flip flops to work. It has been a long, cold, and super snowy winter–and it is worth every single flake on days like today. We need the cold and snow in order to truly appreciate the smell of spring. To recognize the sounds of the birds singing outside. To remember how glorious the sunshine feels on your face.

“I have lived in Rochester my entire life–with the exception of the four years that I was away for college–so you can say that I am a little biased. However, we have had many opportunities to move away, and chose to stay every time. Rochester is big-city fun and entertainment without the commute.

“We had the PGA Championship–and the ridiculous crowds it attracts–visit Oak Hill Country Club this summer, and I can still find a parking spot downtown. We can drive to the country to cut down our own Christmas tree in the morning, and we can grab a fabulous local dinner and see a world-class performance by the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra the same night. We can afford to own our own home with a yard big enough for our dog to roam, and still have some funds leftover to see the world.

“We love Rochester for the collaborations, the community, the yoga, the exceptional school systems for our daughter, the renowned academics for me and my husband, the good food, the city-living fun, the day-trip country adventures and hiking, the winter snow, and the summer sunshine.  Rochester has it all. While we love to travel, we will always call Rochester home.”

–Jenn Kelly, PhD, RYT, Penfield
Rochester Community Yoga

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