#57: The Sense of Community

Music at the Lilac Festival

Music at the Lilac Festival

“First of all, I think Rochester is the perfect size city. It’s big enough to pull in major events yet small enough so that you can get to know your neighbors. A lot of people come in for the great schools (RIT, U of R, Nazareth…) and stay because they love it so much. And yes, we get snow, but it makes you appreciate spring! Not to mention, there is a bond that all of us who deal with winter feel for one another. I personally have turned down high paying jobs to stay here. The companies in Rochester are innovative and truly tech driven. It’s hard to leave that kind of culture behind.

“And this city is in a beautiful location! We have lakes all around us and mountains just a day’s drive away. Let’s not forget the multiple breweries, plethora of fine dining locations, and Finger Lakes wine trails. As for entertainment, during the summer there is no excuse to be bored, with the number of music festivals we have. There are larger cities with less excitement! In the decade I’ve lived in Rochester there are still independent stores, events, and places I have yet to see. I love it and I never want to leave!

“I think there are times people believe that if they move they will be happier; that somehow where they live is driving them to be unhappy. It’s just not true and I think people in Rochester understand that. Even people who move away tend to move back because they miss the sense of community. The people and companies in the city truly care.”

Sarah Kohl, Irondequoit


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