#64: Kayaking on Irondequoit Creek

Irondequoit Creek -- this part in Fishers, NY

Irondequoit Creek — this part in Fishers, NY (from Flickr via Creative Commons)

“One of my favorite places and things to do is kayaking at Bay Creek. Just across from Irondequoit Bay, the creek is secluded, private, and just beautiful. It reminds me of Central Park, since so much is going on outside of the park and creek, yet it is so serene inside. The water is always refreshing in summer, and all sorts of wildlife call the creek home. There are plenty of wildflowers and beautiful trees framing the area.”

—Amanda Preske, Cobbs Hill neighborhood
Circuit Breaker Labs 

Photo: So Clear, uploaded to Flickr by Brian Fisher; used via Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).

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