#65: Many Good Memories

Magnolias in Highland Park

“I grew up fifteen minutes outside Rochester, and always took for granted how much there was to do in and around the city, and how beautiful a place it is. The natural beauty, the art and architecture, and the people all contribute to making Rochester an enjoyable place to live. The city is small enough to feel like a familiar community, but is not restricted by this small size — big things happen here too, because of the creativity and ingenuity that is collected here.

“I now live 60 miles away, but I feel closer than ever to the city. I have many fond memories of time spent at the Central Library, walking across the Genesee River, viewing the dioramas at the Rochester Museum and Science Center, and walking through Highland Park in the spring. More favorite places are the Strasenburg Planetarium (to see star shows or IMAX films), the National Museum of Play (where I love shopping at the miniature Wegmans grocery store), the Highland Bowl (where I saw Shakespeare’s Othello performed live), and all of the county libraries (where I checked out more than my fair share of books growing up).

“Now I come to Rochester regularly to participate in craft and art shows, and to visit some of these great places around the city. Even when I don’t have the chance to do any new exploration or see my favorite museum exhibits, I always find new and exciting things here in the form of original art by area artists.

“Many big and original ideas are taking shape in Rochester, and I am proud to call it my hometown.”

—Susan Peterson, Houghton
Cabbages & Kings Stationery

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