#66: A Great City in So Many Ways

Seneca Lake

Seneca Lake

“Rochester is great city from so many different angles. It’s small enough to be manageable while maintaining a city feel. I love the different neighborhoods and their respective individualities (I’ve lived in the South Wedge, Park Ave area, and my wife and I finally settled in East Rochester). It has a rich (and diverse) art community, and there’s a pretty tangible startup energy here if you look for it.

“Some of our favorite spots… We really love the food (and drinks) here in Rochester, so any of the great restaurants and bars are some of our favorite haunts (Owl House, The Revelry, Pour … the list goes on and on).

“The other thing that we really love is the proximity to other amazing areas of upstate NY. In what seems like no time at all, we can be to the Finger Lakes, Bristol Mt., etc.

“Even though taxes can be a bit high, our cost of living is pretty phenomenal, and let’s face it: natural disasters… we’ve had like… NONE, EVER :)”

—Dave Pollot, East Rochester
Dave Pollot Art

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