#76: Community and Philanthropy

ellison park hill

Some of the scenery at Ellison Park

“Rochester is a great mix of old & new. Kodak and Constellation Brands. The Rochester Philharmonic and the Jazz Festival. MAG and Village Gate. Grand homes on East Avenue and contemporary homes on the lake.

“Growing up here, there has always been a strong sense of community. I love that so many people come back to live here after living in another place, or come back regularly to visit friends and family, and have such warm regard for the city. Like ‘Cheers’ — it’s a place where ‘everybody knows your name.’ We who live here and those who come back appreciate the fair real estate prices to the lack of real traffic (everything seems to be ten minutes away) to the lush landscapes — in any season.

“The history of philanthropy makes our city shine — and the people involved in giving back today would make our ancestors proud. Everywhere you look, there are both large and small organizations with generous, first class people who are working hard to strengthen our educational systems and our social systems.

“I love meeting a friend to walk the canal path or circle the reservoir on Cobb’s Hill. The views from both are beautiful. A fifteen minute drive out of the city and the scenery can turn to lush farmlands with rolling hills and beautiful old barns — it’s the best of all worlds.

“I’m proud to be among a creative group of entrepreneurs running small, local brick and mortar shops and restaurants that add independent flavor to our city and suburban neighborhoods. There are so many pockets of art, music and design here — there’s always something fresh and new to see and learn from.”

—Peggy Growney, Brighton
Owner, Windsor Cottage 

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