#78: A Rich History, a Promising Future

powers farm market cr

Powers Farm Market

“To me, Rochester, NY, is home on the surface, but if you dig deeper it’s much more than that. Our city is rich in the past, full of mystery, and holds a promising future. Opportunity is in the air, and there is always such a groundswell of support from our community when a citizen of our city seizes that opportunity. One of my favorite activities in this city is attending grand opening events. It seems every weekend, no matter if it’s winter or summer, there is a new business opening just around the corner. It fills me with so much pride to see these businesses succeed, as well as see the vast support these businesses get from the surrounding community.

“I also love having the opportunity to experience four true seasons, and being surrounded by some seriously awesome nature! Bristol Mountain in the winter, Canandaigua in the summer, Ellison Park in the spring, and Powers Market in the fall. You can’t go wrong with that regimen!”

—Brandon Kirshner, Brighton 
Kirshner for Congress 

One thought on “#78: A Rich History, a Promising Future

  1. Brandon is exactly right. The local businesses in Rochester NY create a wonderful vibe for the whole city. Each section of the city has it’s own identity because Rochestarians value our local businesses.


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