#79: Festivals and Fitness

highland park

Highland Park

“The first thing that comes to mind when I think about what I love about living in Rochester is the outdoors! I have lived in several other places as an adult (Baltimore, NYC) and am so happy to have settled back in Rochester. I love our seasons here and am so grateful for the many parks and outdoor activities our city offers, during all seasons. The festivals are amazing in the spring, summer, and fall. I always look forward to the Lilac Festival, Park Ave Festival, Canal Days, Clothesline, German Festival, etc. I enjoy taking hikes/ runs through Tryon Park, Durand, Cobbs Hill, and Highland Park.

“I also love all the great food and art we have in this city. We have so many amazing restaurants, food festivals, and food trucks all over the city and for every taste/style. I love Vive, Edibles, Effortlessly Healthy Food Truck, etc.

“For a smaller city, we have an incredible range of art from photography, to sculpture, to abstract painting. We have beautifully historical museums mixed with fun studio spaces and contemporary art studios. Our first Friday events never disappoint.

“Lastly, we have an amazing fitness community, which I am so proud to be part of, in Rochester. We have so much for individuals to participate in, including yoga, TRX, barre, crossfit, spinning, and so much more. Our city offers so many opportunities for people to move and get healthy and such amazing individuals leading these businesses.

“Rochester pretty much has everything to offer, from food, to art, to fitness and amazing outdoors.”

—Nora Doebrich, MPS, RYT; Irondequoit
Owner, Flower City Yoga

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