#81: History and New Talent


The Lilac Festival signals the beginning of festival season.

“I love living in Rochester for several reasons. One being that we learn to really appreciate all four seasons. There are activities for us to do no matter the weather. The weather brings us all together as our common denominator. It is always a topic of conversation because you never know how Rochester weather will surprise us. Our Rochester community is a wonderful support system as we all bring rise together. At social gatherings we are almost guaranteed that someone is a friend of a friend and it truly makes us feel at home wherever we go. Rochester’s festivals keep our summer jam-packed with great entertainment! The parks, trails, and water we have here are incredible. Not many people can say they live 40 mins. from the Great Lakes, wine regions, ski trails, driving distance to NYC and another country! All the history as well as new talent in Rochester is all so inspiring as we watch startups and entrepreneurs grow.

“I love to go to Webster Park for the sunsets.
Wegmans… no explanation needed!
Sitting outside at Dorado sipping their yummy margaritas
Eastman House grounds are gorgeous for photos. 🙂
Love exploring our trails! Chimney Bluffs in Sodus is breath taking!
Cruising down to Canandaigua, a nice day to sit by the water.
Biking down the Canal.”

—Nicole Kazimer, Webster

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