#82: The Flower City Lives Up to Its Name


Untitled mural in the South Wedge

“What I love most about living in Rochester is the beauty that is found everywhere in this city. I see it in obscure things, such as the way the midtown skyline and Rush Rhees library seem to gaze at each other from across the river. It is found in practical things — like the community gardens that pop up in the most unexpected places. Even the architecture is beautiful — from the more prominent buildings in midtown, to the little cottages in West Irondequoit. Also, there is art all over the place — murals on electrical boxes, on buildings, cool decorative benches that are functional and breathtaking. My favorite mural is on Portland Ave. — a mural of a young woman with her hair blowing in the wind (second favorite is “Andy and the Big Dead Waltz” on Alexander St. — check it out!). Of course, we can’t forget the natural beauties, like High Falls and Genesee Valley Park. Even my place of work is beautiful. I work at the Broccolo Garden Center in Penfield, and while it’s not technically in the city, it’s not far enough away to really feel like a different town.

“I am not originally from Rochester but have been calling it my home since I came here for college almost ten years ago. I live in the Wadsworth Square neighborhood, which is at the very northmost tip of the South Wedge between 490, the Inner Loop, and Monroe Ave. The most distinctive recognizable feature of my neighborhood is the Bug Jar. My favorite thing to do in Rochester is enjoy all of the green space the city has to offer because I love to experience the change of seasons firsthand.

“There seems to be a park or square within walking distance of any neighborhood. As a gardener, I really appreciate all of the effort that the city has made to keep Rochester green. When my friends and family from back home come to visit, they all remark at how many trees Rochester has for being such an urban area. It gives a sense of pride to live in a city that takes such initiative to keep things in bloom. I love that when spring comes around, Rochester really does become The Flower City. All in all, Rochester is a beautiful place to live.”

—Chandler Moran, Wadsworth Square neighborhood
Broccolo Tree & Lawn Care

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