#83: Great Suburbs Close to the City

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Horses grazing in Honeoye Falls

“When I first moved to Rochester, I lived on Strathallen Park for several years and enjoyed being close to the city. When I got married, my husband and I settled in Mendon where we have lived for over 30 years. Just a 20-minute drive from downtown Rochester gave us a totally different feel. We enjoyed lots of wide-open space for horses, along with a huge vegetable and flower garden. We gave most of that up years ago when our family grew and our lives became much busier, but we still enjoy the quaint village of Honeoye Falls and the hamlet of Mendon. Mendon Ponds Park is a great place for a walk or just to enjoy the outdoors. I also chose to locate my business in Mendon and I have a few favorite places just a stone’s throw away. Crabby Dan’s for coffee, Black Horse Bistro for dinner, Flowers and Fountains for all my floral needs, and the newest, Mendon Coop, for gifts and décor by local artists and craftsmen.

“For dinner and entertainment we take a drive to downtown Rochester. I love the Public Market, Geva Theatre, Rochester City Ballet, and Artisan Works, just to name a few. In warm weather, I really enjoy an outdoor lunch on Park Avenue.

“So to sum it up, I love living in Rochester because it is easy to enjoy a little bit of city and a little bit of country.”

Leona Piro, Mendon
Act Two Home Staging

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