#84: The Local Food Scene

smaller (1)“I absolutely LOVE living in Rochester because this city manages to be everything. It’s a big city, but at the same time it’s a small town. There’s something to do every single weekend within a 20-minute drive of anywhere in Rochester. Artists can survive here. Actually, artists can THRIVE here. People are supportive and genuinely want to see others succeed. It’s the people. Rochester Rocks!

“I love visiting the great locally owned restaurants all through Rochester. There are enough that you can eat at a different restaurant every night of the year and still not have hit them all. I really enjoy how much passion people put into the local food scene and think that some of the best culinary ideas in America are being executed right here in Rochester. Also, I love going for a walk on a warm summer day in my neighborhood in Brighton!”

—Paul Guglielmo, Brighton
Guglielmo Sauce

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