#85: Exploring Footprints from the Past

Erie Canal sign c

Historical marker at Schoen Place in Pittsford

“It’s no secret that I appreciate taking the occasional closer look into abandoned places around our wonderful city, but what usually makes some of these locations so interesting is the story which took place prior to its current state of being. Without that story, it is just a building. Some of that also parallels with what I love about Rochester, as we live in an area so rich and plentiful with history that not tapping in and digesting it to some degree, in my opinion, is such a waste!

“From the mighty Genesee River and the economy-building flour mills it once powered, along with the prominent names resting at beautiful Mt. Hope Cemetery, to a subway system which was once the blood supply to the heartbeat of our city. From a fruit & vegetable store opened in 1916 by a man bearing the last name Wegman, along with a man-made canal named Erie, to George Eastman’s imprint left on the world. And the list definitely goes on… We are blessed with such history. Soak it in!

“My second favorite thing about Rochester, NY: A thick paper plate sitting under and barely supporting a hot, heaping, mostly unorganized pile of macaroni salad, french fries (yes, french fries), two greasy cheeseburg patties smothered in ketchup, mustard, and the always-essential Rochester signature meat sauce on top… enough so that you can barely see the ruckus going on underneath. Oh, and hold the onions… ;)”

—”Snoop Junkie,” urban explorer
SNOOP JUNKIE – Rochester Urban Exploration Squad

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