#87: A Community of Hidden Gems

Starry Nites

Starry Nites on University Ave.

“Growing up in Rochester I always thought I would end up leaving the area for ‘greener grasses,’ but as I began participating within the arts community of Rochester, a whole new world of excitement arose out of nowhere! The art fairs and shows were just a stepping stone into discovering the Rochester community’s hidden gems.

“Rochester is a city that has events, entertainment, parks, and activities that cater to families, friends, and people of all ages! The region provides a variety of activities for each season: berry picking at Hurd Orchards and bike rides on the Erie Canal during the warm months, to skiing, sledding at Mendon Ponds Park, and drinking hot cocoa at Starry Nites on a chilly night during the winter months. There is always a show available in town, whether at Bug Jar, Water Street, or a lovely art display at RoCo! The city however does not hold all my attention. Rochester is happily nestled on Lake Ontario, due north of the beautiful bustling Finger Lakes region, just hours away from a good hike! These are all memories I cherish about Rochester.

“I am quite happy I stuck around Rochester, NY, and explored it further than I had ever before. I believe if I had left I wouldn’t have grown to understand its community and fallen in love with everything that makes Rochester the city it is now.”

—M. Victoria Savka, Rochester
Artist and Student, mariavictoriasavka.com

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