#88: Compassion and Care for Neighbors

Lilac Festival 2016

Highland Park during the Lilac Festival

“I am smitten with Rochester. While I admit it took a while to settle in, once I did I found the groove. Firstly, Rochester has such a unique rhythm to it. I think the changing seasons really have something to do with this. For instance, now that it’s summer even the grumpiest person is skipping. Secondly, people are genuine. They have compassion and care about their neighbors, which I think is unusual for this size of city. Thirdly, there is always something to stay interested in. If on the odd chance no event is happening in Rochester, one is happening in the next city over, which is a quick drive.

“My favorite places:

  • I love love love the parks here; I have a secret sleeping spot in Highland Park, take my dog to Ellison Park, and dip in and out of the streams/ lakes at many of the other parks.
  • Living near the Eastman House and MAG is like a dream. I like to read in the little nooks and crannies of their gardens.
  • The Rochester Public Market is like my heartbeat. Every Saturday without fail, I am there. I love the hustle and bustle along with chitchat with local farmers.
  • The Finger Lakes (which I know are not in Rochester) are just a step away for some R&R.
  • The restaurants Fiorella, Orbs, Atlas Eats, and Rocco are my staples for a good time.
  • In the summertime I love to do a pub crawl from my apartment to Genesee Brew House to Swiftwater to Tap and Mallet to Roc City Brewing and back home (now to) 3 Heads Brewing. It’s an amazing walk through the heart of Rochester and into the smaller communities.”

—Stephen Rees, Neighborhood of the Arts
Owner/Founder, Relish

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