#91: A Strong Sense of Pride


A great place to shop local: the South Wedge

“As someone who did not grow up in Rochester I am offered an ‘outsider’s’ glimpse into the definition of what it means to be a Rochesterian. Immediately it became clear that Rochester people are tremendously proud of their community. There are bumper stickers on almost every car supporting a local college, school, business, or movement. There are flags hung from homes and businesses. Stores are filled with local products and people post pictures all over social media buying and promoting local. Rochester people love where they live and they work hard to support what’s local to ensure their community thrives.

“I love this strong sense of connection first as a parent, second as a small business owner. I am so grateful to raise my children and work in a place that promotes these values and embodies such an important way of living. People show up for each other here and that is invaluable.”

—Casey Dunlavey, Fairport
Lock 32 Brewing Company

One thought on “#91: A Strong Sense of Pride

  1. I agree! I came from a bigger city many years ago, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how much community pride was displayed in Rochester… something I think that’s missing in bigger cities. I am happy to be here.


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