#92: Fresh Air and Homegrown Produce

rhubarb at public market

“Growing up in NYC, I was accustomed to the hectic pace that comes with big-city living. I came to Rochester for college (which was my first time here) and instantly fell in love. I found the pace and commuting to be much less stressful than what I was used to, and I can get more done in a day without wasting hours sitting in traffic. The air is much fresher, and I’m able to enjoy more outdoor activities with all the festivals, parks and lakes in the area. I also found Rochester to be one of the best places to raise a family. There are great public schools in every grade level from elementary through college.

“One of my favorite places to visit is the Public Market! I’m an avid juicer, so it’s nice to have a place where I can get quality homegrown produce while supporting local farmers. Definitely a win/win.”

—Tony, Brighton
Whole House Carpet Cleaning

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