#97: A Deep and Rich History


Utility box at Main & King — photo by Tianna Mañón

“One of my favorite parts of the city may actually be its past. Rochester has a deep and rich history, from Susan B. Anthony to Frederick Douglass. As the editor of Open Mic Rochester, a black digital magazine, I find myself inspired by this history. I want to tell it, I want to live it. This history hasn’t always been beautiful (1964 riots) but it’s what gives Rochester this identity and unfortunately when we don’t know this history not only are we doomed to repeat it but we also lose the opportunity to celebrate our city. Too many people get down on Rochester — and I understand why. With nationally ranking poverty and child hunger rates, it’s clear we do need to do better but it’s not until we have this pride in our city that we can seriously come together to improve the area. I believe knowing the struggles before you can impart that pride — knowing that for centuries others before you have fought to make this city better (or the world better from their humble homes in Rochester) can be motivating and it gives you great cause.

“I love Rochester not because of the delicious food or how easy it is to get anywhere but because of its promise. It’s the promise Susan saw, Frederick saw and it’s the promise my great-grandparents migrated from the South hoping to find. I still believe in that promise and that’s why I love Rochester.”

—Tianna Mañón
Editor in Chief, Open Mic Rochester

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